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At Tillman's Restaurant Equipment, we provide the products you need to run and maintain your business. We do it all, from providing display cases and safes for your business to supplying you the walk-in coolers and counters for your restaurant’s kitchen. Visit our showroom in Goldsboro, NC to view our full inventory of products!

Restaurant Equipment Raleigh, NC

Supplying Restaurants, Convenience Stores & Commercial Clients
From Charleston & Columbia, SC to Richmond & Norfolk, VA

At Tillman's Restaurant Equipment, our highest goal is “Building Partnerships for a Lifetime.” In fact, we believe that a healthy business relationship results from communication and the highest level of professional service. After designing and installing our products at your business, we’ll provide the ongoing maintenance you need to keep your restaurant or store running. Here are just some of the things we do as the largest restaurant outfitter from Raleigh, NC to the coast:

• Preliminary Survey of Your Needs • Drawing & Quote • Prompt Delivery of Required Products 
• Complete Installation • Repairs & Service As Needed • Smallwares Department (featuring pots, pans, utensils and more)

Stop by our showroom today! We cater to a wide array of clients from Raleigh, NC; Charlotte, NC; Charleston, SC; Columbia, SC; Norfolk, VA; Richmond, VA; and beyond!


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